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What are the Signs of Stressed Skin and How to Fix it?

In the era of constant challenges and continues work, stress has become new norm. Stress is part of our lives now and we need to learn to live with it. Stress can negatively affect our health, mental states, stomach and heart, but most noticeable effects can be seen on the skin. We can try to relax, eat healthy and use skin care kit to fix the stressed skin issue. Here is how you can find out how stress affects your skin. 

 What are the signs of stressed skin? 

  • Acne 

Stress can cause lots of side effects in the body including acne. When our body stressed out, it releases hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline. These hormones increase the oil production in skin which can cause acne.  

  • Wrinkles 

Aging is the main cause of wrinkles on our skin. Ultraviolet lights can also cause wrinkles as they speed up the aging process. However, stress is also a major cause for wrinkles in young people. Stress can cause drastic changes in your skin proteins that create issue with skin elasticity and causes wrinkles. Wrinkles can make us look older which adds to our stress and starts a vicious cycle of stress and effect. You can buy anti aging facial kits online that could ease up the wrinkles and fine line on your face. 

  • Under Eye Bags

Who doesn’t have bags under their eyes? Everyone has this issue and it's also connected with stress. Mainly allergies and high salt content can cause the puffiness under the eyes. Our stress effect the certain hormones level in our body and this create puffiness and under eye bags. 

  • Rashes 

Rashes can be caused by many things, such as infections, allergies or some type of chemicals too. That’s why when we see itchy rashes on our body, we don’t think about stress. Stress increases hormone imbalance in the body which can increase inflammation. This will lead to rashes like hives, eczema and acne. 

  • Dry skin

Dry skin is one of the common issues we face in our day-to-day life. Most of the time cold weather or dry wind can cause this issue, sometimes it’s a side effect from the soap. One of the major reasons for dehydration we are totally unaware of is stress. When you feel stress, your body temperature rises, prompting your sweat glands to kick in. Also, stress can cause weak skin barrier so that it cannot retain water and it leads to dry skin. Find a Natural Skin care Kit that could hydrate your skin and reduce the dry skin. 

How to Fix Stressed Skin? 

  1. Drink water

The easiest way to reduce stress in your body and its effect on your skin is to drink more water. Your body needs water as much as your skin when you feel stressed. Stress can kick your body to overdrive and we start to lose water quickly. Make sure to drink plenty of water every time you feel stressed. This will calm your body and stop the side effects of stress released hormones. You can also wash your face when your skin feels stressed. 

  1. Do Relaxing Activities

I know that it's easier said than done, but we need to do something to distract our mind and make our body feel relaxed. Think about an activity that you love the most which can easily loosen you up. Here are some of the activities you can try 

  • Take a walk in the park 
  • Talk to a friend or family member 
  • Read your favorite book 
  • Watch your favorite comedy show 
  • Play with your pet 
  • Listen to relaxing music 
  • Do yoga or exercise 

By doing these relaxing activities multiple time a day, we can stay away from stress and its effect on our skin. 

  1. Maintain Healthy Diet

Happy tummy makes happy life. We need to eat healthy food and salads every day in order to keep the stress away. That doesn’t mean avoiding all the other kind of food but to maintain a balance between healthy and junk food. Make sure to eat a fruit every day and salad. Keeping a healthy diet increases our immunity and help us with stress and its adverse effect on our body. 

  1. Get a Good Night Sleep

Our mind and body need rest and sleep is the best way to ease the stress. It can calm our body and restore our energy. Stress can make us sleepless and that causes most of our skin issue like under eye bags and puffiness. Having a routine for sleep can help you with stress related issue. 

  1. Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

If you feel stressed all the time, your body will feel the same and it will affect your skin. Your regular skincare product cannot help you with that. Find a skincare regime that contains clean and natural product. Chemicals are the reason your skin is stressed, if you use skin product with harmful chemical, it can get worse. Natural Skin care Kit allows you to keep your skin stress free. Always buy skin care kits online that contains clean elements made from natural ingredient.  


Everyone feels worn out, stressed and tired, which AFFECTS our skin badly. We can make certain changes in our life to cope UP with the stress but it's not always enough. We can reduce the stress eventually but it might leave a mark on OUR skin. That’s why clean beauty cult offers wide range of skincare routine. Buy Clean beauty cult skin care kit online today and make your skin look younger and stress free.